Let’s lift the veil of secrecy over what work we have already done in one of the most significant updates of the site for everyone FLOGmall.com.

The development of new functionality and placement of developments in places is in full swing. Very soon, FLOGmall will appear before users in a new light and open its doors to even more lottery fans.

And what we have prepared for you!

New section

In the new, big update, we have radically redesigned the section of fast lotteries. Now each lottery has its own personal page, with its own history and original animated illustration, and the…

An entry for an early test of the game is declared open. Start at the end of August!

Everyone can participate in the testing of the game Crypto-tanks, which will present the main mechanics of the game, graphic design, and interaction between players. Since this is a test of an early version of the game, the games will be held without payments and participation of cryptocurrency. Our task is to show you the game, identify errors, and get feedback from the players.

IMPORTANT! To participate in the test, send a message with the phrase “Participating in the test” to the FLOGmall telegram group or to your personal messages @FLOGMALL_Support . Further instructions will be sent to you.



Everything worked out well. Said FLOGman looking at the monitor screen.
We have comrades in arms and the villains defeated all the city was built, to give people a fair weapon.
There were battles with the cat Overseas, long trips to the Kingdom of Grefovo and other stories, and there were moments of rest…
FLOGman was returning to his home, in a high tower from which it was possible to see honest people and it pleased the eyes.

There was a good atmosphere in his house, in which the super hero of our time lived, everything was neatly, beautifully and tastefully arranged. On one wall were photos of the dog, best friends, and fellow soldiers. On the other-friendly projects.

He’ll make pancakes, make a good pot of magic tea for himself,
and let’s play lotteries on FLOGmall!
It was necessary to give the brain a rest and relaxation between battles and campaigns!
While the instant sweepstakes were being played, he went to the dream section.

What do people want he thought? You need to create a new drawing…

A lottery is an organized gambling game in which the distribution of benefits and losses depends on the random selection of a particular number (or named lot), which is usually indicated on a lottery ticket. Part of the funds deposited by players goes to the lottery organizers, part is paid to the organizer in the form of a Commission.

  1. The history of the lottery leads to the ancient origins of human civilization. According to scientists, one of the first references to the manifestation of a peculiar form of lottery are ancient Greek myths, which say that the soldiers took turns…

Cryptopes came to the Flogman…
and began to tell a story…
that the dog smelled something wrong…
there were traitors….
In a land far away, with stars…
Captain Facebook said that the weapon Nakamoto decided to use…
but this was not done for good purposes, but to mislead people
snyukhalsya captain Facebook blue with a red cat that the Durov’s plane tries to bring down.
Decided Red cat and Captain Facebook, deceive all people for personal gain!

ruined weapons Nakamoto and called LIBRA…
was the captain of the blue a few weapons with influence and power.
Votsap and instagram and the…

Do you remember Pashka, the Creator of the white plane?
He tried very hard to make people free ….
give people independent network and coin,
in which the Nakamoto weapon is used.
But the red cat did not sleep in the land of stars
Learned his servants, that will give the plane white people independence…
The red cat was afraid
Ordered his servants to quickly print new laws and ban the white plane!
threatened with prison and death, then calmed down
began to think further that we need to start chipping people! …

SMART CONTRACT FLOGmall and Blockchain: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tron, UOS and EOS. Smart contracts within the blockchain work simply, reliably and transparently.

Army FLOGmall began to gain strength.
Various news began to arrive, one of them came from a country where there is a high wall and a closed Internet.
The people there also began to use weapons!
The green chat was turned into a weapon by using Nakamoto’s weapon!
We have attached a crypto wallet to it without using malicious services that collect Commission!
And they did it!
And in another far-off country, there was
one good man, Pavel Durov, the Creator of the white plane!
Which passes both walls and distances!
The Americans and Russians tried for a long time to shoot down Durov’s plane!
But not dreams come true….

Angry officials gathered in the center of Moscow.
We decided that we need to save the country’s economy, so we will write off money from people’s accounts, and leave them only loans. Then people remembered about Nakamoto, that he gave honest weapons, about which the flogMAN told.
people began to learn how it works, how to use it.
The flogMAN said-hurry up, open stores with cryptocurrencies, and develop a new market!

We will punish all those who prevent us from living and developing!
Let the red cat howl under the door every night!

He can’t win the cryptocurrency, he can’t…

There was a virus 🦠 in the world, so people had to be at home, not work, and not get paid.
Said the flogMAN — I can help you, I will save you!

He did not sleep for many days and nights… FLOGmall programmers helped him!
A large team created a miracle site!

And after a while, they did it all! Anyone who wanted to, could get access!
An honest website where everyone could become freer!
There were no bans and no government, no stupid leaders.
Come and become free, all your dreams will come true there!
And there will be no one to…


FLOGmall is the world’s 1st online lottery service that uses smart contracts on the blockchain! FLOGmall is a reliable fair lotteries based on smart contracts.

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